Our clients are:

  • "EXPRESS MUGLIJ" Ltd. - Casino
  • "ALASKA AUTO"Ltd.- Car complex (parking garage, car stock exchange and car service)
  • Flower stock exchange centre - "Royal Flora" Ltd.
  • Representative office of the "Computel" Ltd.
  • "Nortcom" Ltd. - Telecommunications and optical connections.
  • "Interact" Ltd. - Cable TV networks and programs
  • "Studio Visia" Ltd. - Bulgarian-American software company.
  • Netkline Ltd. - Company for software products for the American market
  • "Comsys" Ltd. - Telecoms consultancy company
  • "MDM - S" Ltd. - Leasing and information company
  • Representative office of "Bultrag" Ltd.
  • Audio-video studio of Interactive Media Services Ltd.
  • "Plutinex" Ltd. - Real estate and construction agency
  • Motodynamics Ltd.- Representative office of "Yamaha" and shop
  • District psychological centre, Sofia - "ODPZSS-Sofia Town" Ltd.
  • "BSM" Ltd. - offices buildings
  • Representative office of cosmetic company L'Oreal
  • Representative office of the French company Accorservices
  • Money exchange offices of "Siditi" Ltd.
  • "Komersa" Ltd. and "Akaund" Ltd. - financial and accounting companies
  • "V.A. Valeri Milanov" Ltd. - Scrap and metals stock exchanges
  • "Vestauto" Ltd. - Chain of stores for American cars and spare parts.
  • "Alex 45" Ltd. - Car complex (parking garage, car stock exchange and car service)
  • "Sunny Co." Ltd. - transport company
  • Stroymaks Bulgaria Ltd. - Construction sites
  • Dyakov Construction Ltd. - Production and trade complexes
  • Grafiti Gradej Ltd. - Site of architecture and construction company
  • Vi Venda Ltd. - Meat Processing plants
  • Codkey Bulgaria Ltd. - Offices and warehouses
  • Private residential complexes in Boyana, Dragalevci, Pancharevo
In addition "Chanel" Ltd. provides security services to a number of offices, mortgage houses, private buildings, construction sites,
parking garages, warehouses, hospitals etc.

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