GSA "Chanel" offers complex security services
to its clients as follows:

  1.   Armed and non-armed guard of the assets and facilities available on site for physical and legal persons - private homes, offices, representative offices, shops, storehouses, entities, hospitals, hotels, administrative buildings, sites under construction, parking garages, financial and accounting organizations and companies etc.
  2.   Security services during events
  3.   Personal security to physical persons
  4.   Security and accompanying during transportation of valuable cargoes and precious arts etc.
  5.   Supply and installation of security systems - signaling security systems, access control security systems, video control systems and fire alarm systems.
  6.   Supply and installation of companies' internal security equipment
  7.   Installation and application of special security equipment for checking and ensuring the companies' internal security.
  8.   Consultancy services with regard to the personal and companies' security.
  9.   Connection to a centralized control and monitoring system with a security via armed patrols.

     The company is specialized and has traditions for ensuring the security of municipality, state and privately owned sites.

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